Sharing music….

What great fun (yes, along with practice, prep and promo) to share music with others, performing hopefully high quality presentations with and for friends! Played in a three shows at the Black Bear Casino recently, played New Year’s Eve at Tycoon’s and had a great time, many other things, including a  wonderful re-creation of the “Blue Train” album at Teatro back in November. I’m very fortunate to be doing such things!


music reaches all!

Just finished a week of sharing jazz with students of the North Shore Summer Music Experience (a camp at UMD). What a neat experience to work with these young folks. This afternoon I get to perform similar music with my wife Mary and Aaron Hallsten at an assisted living facility. It doesn’t matter the age, everybody is moved, somehow, by music. So glad to be a part of it.


working hard to share quality!

It’s fun to share high quality representations of swing, Dixieland, Latin jazz, whatever it may be. I practice consistently and prep for each concert or event. It’s a pleasure to make good noises with other musicians and to share good sounds with others.


music does it again!

We had my mom’s funeral yesterday. It was music that really made it such a special event. She certainly was a special lady, and the spoken word made that clear, but it was a few of her song choices, the added music we put in, and her relatives doing the performing that made the celebration a great send off for a wonderful person. And the clincher is how my ailing mom recently responded to hymns and carols. Wow! Music!

Mom danced 7 weeks ago, in pain from her illness, at my sister’s fun 60th birthday party. The music, that we thought might be somewhat “incidental”, turned out to be such a hit for the event. Amazing how music does that. 


what a thing that music is!

Music, this abstract thing we do, affects us all so differently. As a listener, performer, and teacher I feel privileged to deal with music on so many different levels, settings, and functions. What a great thing that can excite, hypnotize, and take you to other places!


Wow! It was a p…

Wow! It was a particularly busy February into March. The music life seems a bit more “managable” now but life can certainly have other challenges. But I am feeling happy to be practicing and performing! Even have a couple of new projects in the works, with Billy Barnard…………


young jazzers

As a “getting older” jazz performer I find it necessary and revitalizing to work with several regional younger players (as in younger than 30!). How great to hear the different approaches, to help them gain new experiences, offer them a paid gig, and to learn of their musical influences. It has also kept my listening skills on a bit more contemporary level!